January 23, 2022

Spiritual Gifts

“When I reflect on the passage from Corinthians that is our second lesson for the day, I imagine a Body of Christ that is so diverse that every single one of us has a place in it, just as we are.  Our spiritual gifts include not just the named functions like preaching and praying, but also the unnamed ones, like the way each of us responds to what gives us joy, and the creative ways in which we love one another in fully reciprocal relationships.”

A Chaplain’s Perspective Essay VIII: Attrition

It is not a time to model a stoic, machismo or even martyr-like demeanor.  To confront such tendencies, I have made a conscious practice of encouraging staff to take time away to recharge and enjoy life. During Halloween, I made a habit of asking young parents the costumes and creatures their little ones dressed up as and seeing pictures as often as possible. I am taking the week after Thanksgiving for a time of rest and renewal and I am telling everyone that will listen about my plans. Encouraging them to think about a similar time away.