A Blessing for Slowing Down

A blessing for slowing down

If you’re feeling overwhelmed

if your mind is moving

in a thousand directions

and you’re unable to concentrate

this blessing is for you. 


If your body can’t keep up with your mind

if your head aches and the days blend together

if you fail to take a break

this blessing is for you. 


If your mind wonders

and worries and frets

if your body is tense and tight

if your heart is tired of breaking

this blessing is for you. 


Look up

Breathe deep

Be still


God is with you


With every worry

hear God’s voice 

calling you beloved

with every moment overscheduled

hear God’s voice – 

come to me and rest


Look up

Breathe deep

Be still


God is with you.


This blessing is with you

in the hustle and bustle

this blessing clings to you

in the hurry

and holds you tight.

This blessing wants you to know

You, beloved child of God, 

are enough

just as you are

so rest

and be still

and remember

God is with you. 


Kimberly Knowle-Zeller is an ELCA pastor, mother, and writer who lives in Cole Camp, MO with her family. If you’d like to read more from Kim, you can sign up for her monthly newsletter, Walk and Talk here. As a gift to her readers and subscribers who sign up, she has a free downloadable resource: Walk and Talk with God: Reflection, Scripture references, and a how-to for your own contemplative walk.


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