A blessing for waiting in the dark

A blessing for waiting in the dark

This blessing is for you –

the one who feels alone

and tired and unsure

the one wrestling with doubt and belief

the one who can’t seem to move forward

the one who feels like they are alway behind

the one who can’t pay the bills

the one who is immobilized by fear


this blessing is for you 

when you wonder if good will prevail

when you worry that all you know is darkness

when your heart breaks and your tears won’t stop


this blessing is for you

as you wait and wonder and worry

as you question and cry out

as you claw your way towards hope


this blessing joins you in the dark

to remind you that you are not alone

this blessing clings to you

loves you

believes in you

and calls you forward


this blessing knows that the light shines in the darkness

this blessing knows that God’s light is near

this blessing knows that God draws us close

this blessing is with you in the dark

never leaving your side

and will be with you as dawn breaks. 

Kimberly Knowle-Zeller is an ELCA pastor, mother, and writer who lives in Cole Camp, MO with her family. If you’d like to read more from Kim, you can sign up for her monthly newsletter, Walk and Talk here. As a gift to her readers and subscribers who sign up, she has a free downloadable resource: Walk and Talk with God: Reflection, Scripture references, and a how-to for your own contemplative walk.


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