A Prayer for Hearts that See

John 9:1-41

Blessed Savior,
we open our eyes to see your light,
and ask that it illumine our hearts
that we may serve you this day
with joy and gratitude.

Let our eyes be opened, Blessed Jesus,
where we once were blind,
to see your handiwork
throughout each moment
in our lives.

Let our eyes be opened, O Merciful One,
to see the broken and lost places
within ourselves and each other,
and through your grace,
to work for healing and reconciliation.

Let our eyes be opened, O Holy One,
that we may see with a spirit of mercy and compassion,
and be renewed to follow You
in hope and faith.

Lord Christ,
let your healing hand rest tenderly
upon those whose hope is in You,
especially those for whom we pray.


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