Author: Karla Koon

Snow Angel

“As I gazed through the ice I wondered, how often do we become frozen and harden, causing our view of what lies ahead to become obscured?  My reflection was not abstract or rhetorical, but practical, as I could feel my own heart hardening.”

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Prepare the Way

“Call it healing; call it cleansing; call it conversion, call it transformation, call it what you want. It was the moment where I knew that I was no longer the person that I used to be and going back to that person was no longer an option.”

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Every Perfect Gift

“As we enter this time of thanksgiving, may we find moments of stillness and quiet gratitude. May we find a way to share God’s love with all who we encounter as we maneuver through blending hints of what was with the newness of what is before us. May we lift our hearts and voices in gratitude for those who have walked beside us on this winding and lingering journey.”

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Memories and Lessons

“She explained that she writes a check every month for a set amount, but every Sunday, she adds whatever is left over from her wallet. It was my first introduction to pledging and giving weekly beyond one’s pledge.”

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