Author: Kimberly Knowle-Zeller

Traveling Together

“As we continue through this Epiphany season celebrating the arrival of the Wise Men coming to bow down before the newborn king, I’m giving thanks for those who do the work of tending to others and caring for the ones who are sick and weak. I’m cheering for the ones who go at the pace of the slowest member knowing that we all have a vested interest in the health and healing of others.”

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Soaring Prayers for the New Year

“When it came time for Isaac to get his shark kite soaring, he had a few more missteps along the way. There were nose dives and immediate flops back to the ground. This is what my heart feels, I think. With every news headline and report from doctors, my heart crashes. Yet, Isaac continued to smile and lift his kite to the wind.”

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Looking for the light

“My frustration rises when I can’t find my glasses and I’ve inadvertently kicked my slippers away from me. If only it wasn’t so dark. I take a breath and realize there’s no hurry. Pausing in the room I wonder if this is one of the lessons the darkness is teaching me – to slow down.”

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Receiving Joy with Open Hands

“On those Chicago days when I worked as a chaplain in a hospital the small bites of chocolate were a balm to my soul. I did nothing to merit the candy, except to walk through their doors and open my hands. After leaving the hospital some days I carried the weight of an unexpected diagnosis, the loss of a loved one, or the uncertainty of how the days would unfold.”

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What I love about Advent

“I love wandering with the wisemen. I love watching the stars with the shepherds. I love seeing the mess and dirt of a manger, and knowing Jesus is born right in the middle of that mess.”

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A Good Day

“After all the long nights feeding the baby, the meltdowns over what clothes the toddler would wear, the endless pile of dishes, the worry about a family member’s recent diagnosis, the food to be cooked, the distractions, the constant busyness, and the coordinating of schedules, the days are good. 
Because as night comes and I’m ready for bed, the words come naturally. 
A good day.” 

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Psalm 121

“My help comes from the Lord, 
creator of sunrises and sunsets
wild bears and lap dogs
cherry trees, dogwoods, and dandelions …”

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Scraps of Love

“So as I begin a new day, I’m entering it with eyes open to seeing beauty and hope. I’m eager to watch God show up in the canvas of my days: in artwork from my children, a friend reaching out, a hot cup of coffee, a homemade meal, the morning sun.”

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I made this because I wanted to …

“With his words, I wonder when I last created simply because. When did my heart take joy and pride in putting pen to paper with no end goal? When did I bring forth beauty just because?”

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