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Author: Maria Evans

The Unhappiest Psalm

I skip this one sometimes
when I’m saying the Daily Office
because it’s just too heavy
on the days I don’t need more heavy.”

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From Just the Right Distance

“All it took
Was the glance back “like they knew all along”
Or the tone in their voices on the phone,
To affirm that, indeed, I’d done the best I could,
Even if I’d failed.”

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Joseph’s Choice

“I wonder how many times any of us
went to bed convinced we knew the right thing,
the sensible thing,
and woke up the next morning
to do exactly the opposite–
because we discovered God had different plans.”

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Jerusalem, Jerusalem

“When this is all over,
will we have the courage
to name our whitewashed tombs,
to heal the divides between us,
or will we choose to wallow in our self-righteousness,
whatever it happens to be,
Hold on to our outrage, whatever the source,
with ghostly white knuckles
and no room for reconciliation in our tightly clenched fists when this is all over?”

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An Old, Old Story

“We hear this tale
time and time again
and so often, our thoughts
wander to the audaciousness
of James’ and John’s mom’s request,
and their chutzpah.”

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I Have No Idea How it Happened

“To this day I can’t tell you how it happened.
All I can tell you
is that I saw that bag
with the five loaves and two fish
get swallowed up into the night and the crowd,
and I never saw it again,
and twelve baskets of bread came back to us.”

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