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Author: Jon White

Faith To Go: The Truth is Within Us

During this week’s episode, we’re joined by The Rev. Carlos Garcia with a special God Sighting then Charlette and David this week to talk about truth, The Holy Spirit, and actually agreeing for once!

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2FAB: Florence Li-Tim Oi

Today: Florence Li Tim-Oi, the first woman to be ordained in the Anglican Communion, whose ordination was a gift from the East to the West.

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2FAB: Josephine Bakhita

This week, Luci and Jordan look into the fascinating life of Josephine Bakhita who was bought as a slave in Sudan and taken and held in Italy until freed by the court in 1890 and who became a symbol if Italian perseverance in World War II.

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Become a Member

EJ&C Editor Jon White talks about the new EJ&C site and offers an invitation to support our mission by becoming a member

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