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Faith to Go: A Cup of Soul Water

In this week’s episode Charlette and David are joined by The Rev. Shannon Kelly, The Director for the Department of Faith Formation and Officer for Young Adult and Campus Ministries for The Episcopal Church.  Listen to the trio talk about our role and responsibility in authentic welcome.   

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Faith to Go: Beautiful Healing

This week The Rt. Rev. Phyllis Spiegel, Bishop Diocesan of the Episcopal Diocese of Utah, joins Charlette and David to share her experience of healing, redemption, and wonder.  Click here to learn more about Bishop Phyllis’ ministry and the vibrant work of The Episcopal Diocese of Utah.

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2FAB: Rachel Held Evans

And just like that, our journey through the great feminist ancestors and saints comes to an end with an episode about the woman who inspired us to begin: Rachel Held Evans. It has been our privilege to build this community with you as we read the Bible together and met these extraordinary women of faith throughout history. May God bless you all and shelter you under Her wings until we meet again!

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2FAB: Leymah Gbowee

Today, we release our penultimate episode of the Beatified series. Join us in celebrating the ministry of Leymah Gbowee!

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Editors' featured posts

Ashes into Beauty

“I am not just burning my mask however. I am using that as a symbol of transformation, a way to remind myself and those around me that the journey of Lent is preparing us for the beauty of Easter Sunday. So how will I accomplish this? This year, by creating artwork from the ashes.”


Toe Jam Vintage

“Now, in reading today’s Gospel in commemoration of Martin Luther, one could easily fall into thinking that the “pruning” and “casting into the fire” that’s being referred to here is about tossing heretics and apostates into the flames of hell.”


LIke a Tree Planted by Water

“The realm of emotion is also a place of fickleness.  Sometimes I feel God’s presence there and sometimes I have only ashes in my heart.  I can feel a deep joy in a melody, the winging of a goose over the rooftops, the prisms in a snowflake.  But just as quickly I can be crushed by loss, fear or illness.”


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