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Subversive Undercroft #231: Life Everlasting

We begin by marveling at the inappropriateness of most teen culture from the 80’s (AND BEFORE!). And then we continue our journey through the catechism and talking about what might await us on the other side of death plus a little detour into the place of the Bible in the life of faith.

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The Sacred Six: Joe Carter

 From Popping Collars: The third in a series about the intersection fo faith and baseball with special guest Dan Joslyn-Siemiatkoski

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Subversive Undercroft #230

We start with a plug for our northern neighbors before talking about what our deaths might bring; heaven, hell, or something else altogether?

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2FAB: Hannah Grier Coome

This week we remember Hannah Grier Coome, founder and first mother superior of the Anglican Sisterhood of St. John the Divine in Toronto

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