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Riding the wave

As in this morning’s psalm, humility before the power of creation is an idea that is profoundly expressed by Hokusai’s vision—and it is one that we particularly struggle with, believing as many of us do that creation has been placed into our hands to be disposed of as we wish. Yet the human power to destroy is nothing next to the power of creation.

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This blessing is for you

This blessing is yours
Made to make you feel safe, known
Encouraged and loved
This blessing will fight for you
It is within every breath you take
every step you take

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The Temptation to Power

In this frightening time, may we remember that the kingdom to which we belong transcends pain and death.  No matter what happens, it cannot be taken away.  It cannot be subverted.

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The Blessings of Lent

This Lent is bruised and battered by thoughts of things going on in Ukraine and other places worldwide. … We ask for God’s blessings on those who suffer in any way and God’s help in bringing peace and comfort to the world.

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Attention, Astonishment, Witness

Lent calls us to attention, astonishment, and witness. Lent calls us to see the potential rather than the dreariness and horror of pandemic and now war, to look for the beauty and unity among ourselves and all God’s sparkling mysterious creation placed here for our support and care. Lent calls us to proclaim, to tell, to be truthful and reliable in our witness to God’s love by embodying God’s love.

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A reflection and response to the invasion of Ukraine

I would urge us not to be unsettled by the rising gas prices and other consumer discomforts that we are likely to experience in coming months. Rather we need to focus on the ongoing costs of this “horrific and unprovoked attack”on thousands of our neighbors in the Ukraine.

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