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Chicago bishop is finally consecrated, two years after election

Bishop Paula Clark is consecrated and ordained to lead the Diocese of Chicago.

Roundup by Solange De Santis

Bishop Paula E. Clark was finally consecrated and ordained on Sept. 17 to lead the Diocese of Chicago, nearly two years after she was elected in December, 2020. In the intervening time, Clark experienced a health crisis and the death of her husband, but the relationship between her and the diocese did not waver.

Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde of the Diocese of Washington (D.C.), in her sermon, referred to Clark’s steadfast commitment to the diocese.

“When Paula got sick and faced such a long road of recovery, some of us wanted her to know that she didn’t have to do this, that she could gracefully step away, and everyone would understand. But no.

“Then when her husband Andrew’s cancer came to light and he died, we wondered if grief, at last, would cause her to step away. How much can one heart hold? But Paula never wavered, not once. Paula knows how to let go when she knows that’s what’s best, and she never let go of you, Diocese of Chicago, and of the call God placed on her heart.”

Here is a roundup of coverage.

From the Diocese of Chicago website:

For video of the consecration and ordination service, click here.

Click here for the order of service.

Click here for Bishop Budde’s sermon.  

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