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Chicago cathedral hosts exhibit of art by children held in immigrant detention center

An acrylic piece created by a group of teens features the Quetzal, the national bird of Guatemala. Photo/Courtesy of Frontera Studio            

By Episcopal Journal

St. James Cathedral, Chicago, is hosting an exhibit titled “Uncaged Art,” created by children held in the Tornillo Detention Center in Texas between June 2018 and January 2019. The exhibit is on loan from the Diocese of San Joaquin (Calif.) to the Diocese of Chicago’s Sanctuary Task Force and will be open to the public from May 20 to May 28 at the cathedral’s Kyle’s Place Gallery.

The children’s work was in danger of being lost when the detention center closed and officials began throwing out the artwork. A Catholic priest recovered the 29 pieces that comprise the exhibit.

The Chicago event is sponsored by the Sanctuary Task Force, Antiracism Commission, Hispanic Affairs Committee, and Peace & Justice Committee, four of the diocese’s social justice committees. After May 28, the exhibit will be on tour at metro Chicago churches, non-profits, schools, and libraries. Congregations and groups that would like to host the exhibit can email the Rev. Sandra Castillo.

Immigrant children created art that reminded them of their homelands. Birds were a signature motif. Photo/Ivan Pierre Aguirre for University of Texas
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