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Individual Print Subscription Access.

By signing up for the Subscription level, you not only receive a printed monthly copy of the Episcopal Journal, you also get access to the E-pub version of the paper or magazine. Subscribe now and receive FREE coffee. To subscribe, click here.

Diocesan or Church Journal Membership 

  • Download the month’s featured article and/or purchase any of the individual exclusive articles, reviews, arts or commentaries with photos that you can include in your publication.


  • purchase 12 pages, or the full 24 pages of Episcopal Journal as pre-formatted PDF to include in your own publication as well as access to a wider selection of individual articles. Let us know the size of your publication so we can make adjustments if necessary.

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Diocesan or Church Print Partner Membership

  • If you wish to publish a diocesan or church publication we can send you an InDesign template (or design your own to given print specs). Your publication will be the lead cover and we will send you the Episcopal Journal pages to add to your pdf file. You have the option of 12 pages of Episcopal Journal, or the full 24 pages. It is then sent to our printer and mailed for your group.


  • if you don’t have a designer to layout your publication send us text and images and we do all the formatting, printing and mailing.

After registering for a basic membership, please contact us directly to inquire about print partner membership and prices. For more Print Partner Membership information click here.