Episcopal school’s administration scratches lesbian dance routine

Students at the Episcopal School of Jacksonville are protesting the elimination of a lesbian dance routine from an upcoming dance ensemble. In August some parents sued the school over its mask requirement.

The Florida Times-Union

A group of high school students at Episcopal School of Jacksonville — a private, faith-based campus — are calling for change after they say a number from the dance ensemble’s upcoming recital that portrayed a lesbian couple dancing together was cut by higher-ups.

School administrators don’t deny cutting the number but say it’s because they didn’t think it would be appropriate for middle school-aged and younger students in attendance.

After the students expressed concerns, administrators are allowing the dance ensemble to perform the original routine at a high school-only event. But students say that’s still censorship and even homophobic. Facing pressure from the student body, the school has also updated its website to include new, inclusive language regarding the LGBTQ+ community.

Update 12/22:

The number was from the musical and film “The Prom”.


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