Faith To Go: Divine Plumbing

This week Faith To Go formation team members David Tremaine, Charlette Preslar, and special guest the Rev. Jeff Marrinhauk, Canon for Finance in the Diocese of San Diego, discuss Jesus’ promise to his disciples to send peace and the Holy Spirit and what this means for our lives today.

Reject Shame & Embrace Life with The Rev. Babs Meairs • Lent 2 Faith To Go Podcast

The Rev. Babs Meairs (USMC Ret.) joins Charlette and David to discuss embracing Jesus’ call to life by rejecting isolation and the painful role that shame plays in human interactions.    Click here to learn more about Babs’ ministry with St. Timothy’s Faith to Go is a ministry of The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego. Click here to learn more about EDSD's great work in our region and how you can support this ministry.Remember to get in contact with us!Email: faithtogo@edsd.orgInstagram: @faithtogo
  1. Reject Shame & Embrace Life with The Rev. Babs Meairs • Lent 2
  2. Proximity of Wilderness and Holiness • Lent 1
  3. The Complexity of Contrast with The Rev. Dr. Willy Crespo
  4. Tiny Table Episode • Epiphany 5
  5. God the Disruptor

Make sure to go check out all of this week’s Faith To Go resource offerings for personal reflection, family discussion, and small group conversation at

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