Faith to Go: Preparing for Discipleship

Held in the Womb of God • Trinity Sunday Faith To Go Podcast

Today Charlette shares a touching GodSighting about the difficulty of Mother’s Day, then she and David swap stories of nurturing, loving, and being challenged by children with memories of pregnancy and childbirth.  Later they focus on the Jewish traditions of Jesus.Today’s Resource:Black Liturgies by Cole Arthur RileyFaith to Go is a ministry of The Episcopal Diocese of San Diego. Click here to learn more about EDSD's great work in our region and how you can support this ministry.Remember to get in contact with us!Email: faithtogo@edsd.orgInstagram: @faithtogo
  1. Held in the Womb of God • Trinity Sunday
  2. Hearing and Listening with The Rev. Canon Gwynn Lynch • Pentecost
  3. Real Isn’t Perfect and Perfect Isn’t Real • Easter 7
  4. Being Chosen Friends • Easter 6
  5. Pruning and Rooting • Easter 5
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