Florida dioceses brace for Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian approaches Florida. Photo/NOAA

As Hurricane Ian hit the Gulf Coast of Florida with Category 4 strength, the dioceses in its path prepared their parishes and readied resources, reported Egan Millard of Episcopal News Service.

On the afternoon of Sept. 28, Ian made landfall near Fort Myers with winds of up to 155 mph, just below Category 5, making it one of the most powerful hurricanes to hit the United States in decades.

Before the storm hit, Bishop Dabney T. Smith wrote to members of the Diocese of Southwest Florida: “At this time, look to the care of your people and facilities.  Review your disaster plans both for your churches and for your homes. The diocese has already been in preliminary conversation with Episcopal Relief and Development in anticipation of possible relief assistance. We will stay in contact and ask you to do the same as possible.”

He added, “Finally, remember: Prayers always. People first. Property second.”         

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