Glorying in God’s Goodness

O Generous God,
   your Glory gilds the morning skies,
   and we give thanks for your goodness and mercy. 
Gladden our hearts to ever rejoice
   that you are our shade and shield.
Guide us along the paths of gratitude and righteousness,
   that we glorify your Name in the world. 
Ground us in your word and truth, O Holy One,
   for we know that you call us to work
   for justice, generosity, and peace. 
Give us the grace
   to offer shelter to the stranger among us
   and to love our neighbors as ourselves. 
Guard us from all evil
   from without or within,
   O Loving One,
   for we are prone to wander. 
Govern us in gentleness,
   for all like sheep we go astray,
   yet our cry is always to You. 
Gentle us to do your will,
   and soften our stubborn and wayward hearts. 
Grant your peace and benediction
   to all who call upon You.


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