God our Refuge

(inspired by Psalm 31:1-5, 15-16)

In You, O God, do we take refuge: 
our trust is in You as we cry out in distress. 
Even when the darkness surrounds us, 
when walls close in upon us, 
You are our mighty fortress. 
Preserve us within the storms of life, 
for though the tempest rages about us, 
You are our God. 
Mighty winds may blow and howl, 
but You, 
O God, 
are our rock of refuge and stronghold to keep us safe. 
For You take heed of our souls’ distress
and will never give us up to the power of darkness and despair.
We rest in the hands of the Almighty: 
we rejoice in your mercy and lovingkindness.
Watch over your children, we pray,
and embrace those who rest within You.


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