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Highlights for January

Bill Camp, left, as Wilbur Tennant and Mark Ruffalo, right, as Robert Bilott in “Dark Waters,” a Focus Features release. Photo/Mary Cybulski/Focus Features
Actor Mark Ruffalo blends film and
faith-fueled activism in ‘Dark Waters’
By Emily McFarlan Miller
Religion News ServiceActor Mark Ruffalo said he’s had a hard time melding his activism with storytelling.
Then Ruffalo encountered the story of the people of Parkersburg, W.Va., who were exposed for decades to “forever chemicals” produced by DuPont, one of the world’s largest corporations.
And he was moved by attorney Robert Bilott’s 15-year battle to bring DuPont to justice, putting his family, his career and his health at risk for others.
“In a moment in time where the stories that we are being told are so cynical and the stories we hear all the time are like ‘people are just horrible people’ and ‘just be as selfish as possible’ and ‘no one’s doing anything for the greater good, really; it’s all personal gain,’ I believe in a different reality than that,” Ruffalo said.

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N.T. Wright explains the world of the
New Testament in new book
By Emily McFarlan Miller
Religion News Service
New Testament scholar N.T. Wright has spent most of his life teaching people how to study the New Testament.
And the most important thing, he says, is getting the context right.
Without that context, it’s “fatally easy for people to distort bits of Christianity,’” Wright said.
“If we ignore the context, we can make the New Testament stand on its hind legs and dance around the room and play to our tunes — and that that has always been the case, no doubt,” he told Religion News Service in a recent interview. “But the correction is always to go back to, ‘What was the context?’”

I want the whole story:

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