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Highlights for January

From left, Diocese of Long Island Bishop Lawrence Provenzano and the Rev. Marie Tatro speak at a meeting in San Diego with local organizers responding to the needs of asylum seekers. Photo/Jonny Guapo
Long Island diocese assesses needs at Mexican border

By Episcopal Journal

A mission trip from the Diocese of Long Island (N.Y.) to evaluate the needs of refugees at the southern border found – among other things – a shelter in San Diego that could use some help, according to the Rev. Marie Tatro, the diocesan vicar for community justice.
Tatro and diocesan Bishop Lawrence Provenzano traveled to communities at the border from Dec. 5 to 8, visiting a men’s shelter in Tijuana, Mexico and the San Diego shelter, “a Catholic retreat facility where hundreds of families pass through each week,” Tatro wrote in an update posted on the diocesan website.

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William G. Cliff
‘The gift of a God who shows up’

By William G. Cliff

The two-thousand-year-old birth of a refugee child in Bethlehem should make no difference at all. There was no one expecting this child to be born except his mother and embarrassed father. Israel is entirely the wrong end of the Roman empire to be truly important. It was the sort of province one was sent to as a form of punishment. Rome, the center of things, is far away, and the powerful and rich sleep comfortably in their beds confident that nothing will upset the empire they have worked hard to build. In a conquered Israel, the birth of this baby should make no difference at all. There may be grandiose claims about his ancestry, but his mother, who found herself pregnant before she should have been, is a nobody. His father too, was a nobody. A carpenter and a generation older than he should have been.

I want the whole story:

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