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Highlights for March

The 14 Stations by Pennsylvania artist Victoria Matsymowicz will be displayed for the Seattle community throughout Lent.
Station V: “Simon of Cyrene carries Jesus’ cross.” being installed. Photo/Liz Bartenstein/St. Mark’s
Sculpted Stations of the Cross grace Seattle cathedral
By Jerry Hames
Fourteen Stations of the Cross grace the nave of St. Mark’s Cathedral in Seattle this Lenten season with an invitation to the community of Seattle and parishioners of St. Mark’s to interact with visual art and an ancient tradition of this season.
Guests at the opening reception in mid-February included Virginia Maksymowicz, who has described the Stations as an opportunity to apply her contemporary vision to an artistic form…

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“15:17 to Paris” dramatizes how, from left, Americans Alek Skarlatos, Anthony Sadler and Spencer Stone foil a terrorist attack on a Paris-bound train.
Might as well skip the ride on ‘15:17 to Paris’
By Ken Valenti
It might be interesting to discuss whether God jammed the rifle that Ayoub El-Khazzani raises to shoot American Spencer Stone on a train bound for Paris. It’s such a phenomenally lucky break, abetting Stone in his courageous act of charging El-Khazzani before the assailant can carry out what almost certainly would be a massacre of innocent passengers.
The rifle jam is the start of a moment of heroism…

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