In Remembrance

In Remembrance

(A poetic reflection on Luke 22:14)


when Jesus expounds on the words we hear every Sunday

in the Eucharistic Prayer

in the Words of Institution

I was reminded

that I had forgotten

that Jesus himself

said he’d forego the bread and the wine

for an undetermined time.


When I look back

at those months in lockdown and semi-lockdown

Zoom Church and the infancy of livestreamed church becoming mainstream

and the Eucharist became incredibly dear

I remember being tempted from time to time

to invite a trusted friend or two over

and celebrate these Sacraments.


Yet I never succumbed to that temptation

because I remembered

that I don’t do this for me

I do it for the people I serve

and it’s enough for me to join in with them.


And it makes me smile

to remember that when

the resurrected Jesus

has “roasted fish on the beach”

with the disciples

it was probably just as savored

as the first time there were people in the room

and we could celebrate the Eucharist again.


Maria Evans splits her week between being a pathologist and laboratory director in Kirksville, MO, and gratefully serving in the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri , as Interim Priest at Trinity Episcopal Church in Hannibal, MO.

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