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In the arts Asian American Episcopalians celebrate their faith, roots and history

Ravi Verma

By Pat McCaughan, Diocese of Los Angeles
Since musical artist Larissa Lam directed the award-winning film “Far East Deep South,” about her in-laws’ Mississippi roots, she has “made it my mission to help others discover more Asian American/Pacific Islander history,” she told those attending the May 7 celebration of AAPI Heritage Month on the rooftop of St. Paul’s Commons.
Hosted by The Gathering — A Space for AAPI Spirituality, a ministry of the Diocese of Los Angeles, the event featured music, art, food, spoken word poetry and prayer. In addition, seminarian Mel Soriano interviewed contributors to The Gathering’s “AAPI Alive!” Eastertide Devotional, which features a new offering every day between Easter Day and Pentecost.

I want the full story.

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