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News from Friends of Jerusalem diocese

AFEDJ Executive Director Eileen Spencer

Eileen Spencer has begun the transition process to become the American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem’s new executive director on December 1. In early September, she met via video with leaders of the Princess Basma Center in Jerusalem to learn more about a USAID grant project that will make all areas of the center accessible to children with disabilities.

“I’m looking forward to our October trip with AFEDJ trustees to visit diocesan institutions. I can’t wait to meet the leaders of the hospitals and schools we support and witness first-hand the hope these institutions are bringing to their neighbors,” she said.

In other news from the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem, the Princess Basma Center has received a $290,000 grant from Islamic Relief USA that will allow it to expand its partnerships with six community-based rehabilitation centers across the West Bank. Also, St. Andrew’s Church in Ramallah has been repaired after damage caused by an Israeli Defense Force raid on an adjacent diocesan building.

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