Omnia Gratias: a hymn of thanks

…”That I may proclaim with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all Your wondrous works.”  Psalm 26:9

I give you thanks for all things;
All things sacred and mundane.
I give you thanks for birds that glide through the skies and nest in trees;
for crawly things, and for creatures that swim in the seas,
for lakes and flowing creeks, or splatting drops of rain;
Crisp leaves on the ground, scattered ’round
 moss and paths through forests green.
For mountains tall, stones and rock,
for creatures wee and small, thank you.
For lofty pines, for towering hollyhock with their tiny seeds;
for illuming sun and crystalline ice floes;
for tempestuous winds, for glowing fire and flame,
for what comes and what goes;
for what may be you, veiled behind holy names,
Forever thanks.
I thank you for individuals unique;
I thank you for prayers for those in need.
For hymns that human voices sing,
for all that is, seen and unseen;
For glory unspoken, praises unbroken,
 for your Presence that I seek in all things —
Thank you for these glimpses of you I see,
 of all that you are, could and will forevermore be,
I thank you.


Image: Photo by Marina Yalanska (Ukraine) on Unsplash

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