Outline for a streamlined General Convention announced

updated: We have updated the dates for the planned GC as the original statement had listed them incorrectly


In a joint statement today, the Presiding Bishop and President of the House of Deputies proposed recommendations that will fulfill the promise of hosting an in-person General convention in Baltimore in July while also seeking to provide as safe a space as possible in the midst of ongoing COVID infections.

Here are the recommendations:

  • The dates of the 80th General Convention will be July 8-11. Travel days for all but those coming from the greatest distances will be July 7 and 12. Registration will be available on July 7..
  • The only attendees at the 80th General Convention will be bishops, deputies, essential staff and volunteers, and a limited media presence. There will be no exhibit hall. Visitors will be accommodated only in extraordinary circumstances, such as companions for people with disabilities.
  • We will ask each diocese to consider sending just one clergy alternate deputy and one lay alternate deputy, and to consider asking inactive bishops and other alternate deputies to stay home.
  • We will ask all church-affiliated organizations to refrain from holding events and receptions in Baltimore during July 8-11.

Next steps are for the Design Group to recommend protocols for COVID-19 precautions and care for those who become infected at General Convention. Their recommendations are expected next week and the plan for an amended legislative process is expected by May 30.

You can read the whole statement here.


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