Pistols into ploughshares

June is, among other commemorations, gun violence awareness month. As part of the work of addressing and redressing gun violence, my parish hosted a Guns to Gardens: National Buyback Day event on June 11th. While we are still mentally and spiritually processing the ways in which God has called us to confront gun violence, I found myself reflecting on the experience of standing before the forge that afternoon, physically processing gun parts into garden tools … 

Starve a fever, feed cold
steel barrels into the forge

Beneath scorched earth cool clay
the kiln at earth’s core;
creation’s heart of stone

Beneath the concrete floor
reverb of the hammer starts a rumour
 – revolution, evolution, healing – 
over the anvil, fever breaks

swords into ploughshares
long guns into garden tools
threat into the promise of
life grown from a mustard seed …

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