Praise Song at Dawn

Loving Creator,
we rise from our rest to sing your praise, 
joining the world You have made holy 
through your hands, O God. 

The coyotes are back in their dens, 
after antagonizing the farm dogs all night; 
the barred owls have paused their conversation 
under the lacy veil of heaven at sun rise; 
katydid, tree frog, and cricket have raised their song 
and filled the night with the throb of their praise: 
now it is time for us to lift our hearts
and join in the love song of the Earth for our Maker. 

Almighty One, this moment is your gift to us, too: 
let us use it to center ourselves in your grace. 
Let us in our prayer give thanks 
for all your blessings to us,
especially this fragile Earth: 
may we seek to mend and heal 
the frayed cords that bind us to all creation, 
and see with new eyes the beauty and completeness 
in a drop of rain or sparkle of dew. 

The Earth beneath our feet 
is your gift to all that lives, 
to animal, tree, and stream: all creation is holy. 
May we care for each other with tenderness and unity,
walking in the healing path that Jesus invites us to follow. 
Tune our hearts to always hear 
the echo of our Savior’s laughter and empathy 
through the air that still carries the imprint
of his breath and blessing. 

Spirit of the Living God, 
spread your wings over us 
that we may be strengthened to joyfully greet this day,
and grant your peace to all for whom we pray.


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