Prepositions of God’s Love

Colossians 1:11-20

“There is a theology in prepositions…”— Rev. Canon Graham Ward, How the Light Gets In: Ethical Life I

Remain strong, O faithful, O seekers

     with all the strength

     from Christ’s glorious power,


     with patience,

giving thanks

     to the Father

sharing the inheritance

     of the saints

     in the light.

God rescued us

     from the power

     of darkness

     into the kingdom

     of God’s beloved Son

     in whom

we have redemption, the forgiveness

     of sins.

Jesus is the image

     of the invisible God


     of all Creation–

     in him

all things

     in heaven

     on earth

were created

     through Jesus


     for Jesus.

Jesus himself is

     before all things;

all things hold together

     through Jesus.


     of the body,

     of the Church;

Jesus, the beginning,


     from the dead;


     in everything.

The fullness

     of God

is pleased

     to dwell

     in Jesus.

God is pleased

     to reconcile

     to Godself

all things

    in heaven

     on earth

     by making peace

     through the blood

     of Jesus’s cross.

This is how we remain faithful,

awaiting God-



     by whom

     in whom

     through whom

we live and move and have our being,

revealing God’s love, longing, redemption,

seeking us–


and love

     without end.

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