Speaking to the Soul: Editor Rob Gieselmann’s farewell

Photo: Rob Gieselmann

By Rob Gieselmann

“O God, our times are in your hands …” (BCP 830)

These words from the Prayer for a Birthday in the Book of Common Prayer speak not only to the annual celebration of our beginning, but also to our terminus. They invite trust, the folding of our days front to back, in Providence. Tinged with grief, yet fully grateful for each breath, we live each day knowing not only that our time-space existence is book-ended, but also that each breath we take is a gift.

Each breath, which turns me to this final page of Episcopal Journal and Episcopal Café, Speaking to the Soul. I have written for Speaking to the Soul for five years and edited it for the past two, give or take. I am grateful not only to the editors and creators of both EJ and EC, but also of the lovely spirit I’ve encountered working alongside an amazing team of writers. These gifted Christians have shared with love and vulnerability their deeper spiritual experiences, their struggles and victories. A special thank you to you, SttS writers, for your amazing contributions. Truly … I am ever  grateful.

And of course, a hearty thank you to you, our readers, for your participation.

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