Teach us to Pray

Luke 11:1-13

Teach us to pray, they asked,

as the first evening star winked into view,

and the Teacher began:

Creator and Sustainer,

we center ourselves in your love,

remembering your gift of life to us. We place

ourselves within your tender embrace. Make us reverent

before the Holiness that sustains all that is,

and calls us Beloved.


our hearts to the power of wisdom and compassion,

that the kingdom take root in each heart. We trust

your abundance is greater than our hunger; 

we ask for today’s bread enough, and provision for 

tomorrow. Nourish us

with your grace and forgiveness,

for we know our sins only too well. 

                        Help us turn

away from sin 

to a life of justice and pardon, 

answering forgiveness’s gift with our own clemency,

that we may ourselves pour forth

that grace to those who have done us harm. 

                       Show us the path

away from temptation, O Loving One, who

delivers us safely home, 

whose reign and radiance and righteousness

are everlasting.

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