Thanksgiving Prayer: The Grace Before the Meal by Terence Aditon

Thanksgiving Prayer: The Grace Before the Meal


Join hands.

There is Another

only seen with the soul’s eyes,

or felt within the heart.

Give thanks, and not forgetting

That One who gave the words

of that most gracious prayer –

Give us this day a thankful heart,

to share our daily bread.

Forgive the old and new wrongs when

they grate against us.

Leave the bitterness and angers,

Let them rest. Look for joy,

despite resistance from the stubborn

pride that calls for ‘justice.’

Alas for us if justice is our lot.

What soul could bear its own true weight

in that Eternal vision all unclouded

by the claim of right and righteousness?

Join hands with all the ghosts as well

as with the table’s guests.

The Host invited all these to the banquet.

Do not begrudge the love of God

lest it be lost to you.

Join hands, give thanks, and let the breezes

of forgiveness cleanse the soul.

Give thanks for that,

the food that truly saves.




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