… the Effort of Faith …

“… These essays attest to the many ways of getting down on one’s knees, in the hope (the hope against hope) that there is in this cosmos the listening, the watching, and not least, the judging, the sorting, which so many of us, for so long have sought, prayed for, spent lives wondering about, waiting for — God in all the mystery of the word, in all the perplexity and frustration that the word can evoke. The saints, maybe, have tried to give their lives over to that mystery, that perplexity and frustration: Here I went, stumbled, but plodded on, and here you are, fellow pilgrim; take my hand, therefore, and walk your given allotment of days with the effort of faith, even if the ending of both of our journeys is known to none of us — but we do pray. Lord, we pray to a world insubstantial, indeed, though real enough right now, right here, for us so tethered to human existence.” ROBERT COLES

A Tremor of Bliss edited by Paul Elie

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