The Prayer of Mary and Martha

Almighty God, 

we ask that you bless our endeavors today. 

May we sit at your feet

and drink in your wisdom, Blessed Teacher,

that we may ourselves be transformed as disciples

and follow in your Way.

May we also seek to serve others

with gratitude for the chance to care for those

who lead us in the ways of peace and justice.

Let us unite within ourselves

the desire to learn and the willingness to serve,

and uplift the examples of both Mary and Martha

in their work for the kingdom of God.

Give us Martha hands 

and Mary hearts, 

seeking to serve you 

and be guided by your Word and Wisdom

opening our minds and spirits

to serve you however we can. 

Unite within us knowledge and action, 

for we know that work without learning 

and learning without work gain nothing. 

Let us proclaim your glory 

in words and actions this day: 

make us your hands 

and your loving wisdom

in the world. 

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