Weekend Roundup for August 6th

Lambeth (of course), ERD on the spot, Haiti and more. It’s our weekend roundup of news and opinions from across the church.

Episcopal Church

Episcopal Relief and Development responding to natural disasters
-In New Mexico https://www.episcopalnewsservice.org/pressreleases/episcopal-relief-development-responds-to-new-mexico-wildfires/
-In Kentucky, Missouri, and Virginia https://www.episcopalnewsservice.org/pressreleases/supporting-partners-after-flooding-in-the-south/

The Sound of Silence: Haiti and the Episcopal Church http://anglicanfuture.blogspot.com/2022/08/the-sound-of-silence-haiti-and.html


Lambeth Conference

From the Episcopal Journal and Café

Guest Opinion: Thoughts on Cleaning Out the Lambeth Stalls

Presiding Bishop Michael Curry signs statement with Anglican bishops and primates affirming and celebrating LGBTQ+ people. https://www.episcopalchurch.org/publicaffairs/presiding-bishop-michael-curry-signs-statement-with-anglican-bishops-and-primates-affirming-and-celebrating-lgbtq-people/

The GSFA (Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches) responds to the ambiguity around human sexuality with a statement calling for resoluteness in the face of increasing acceptance [Reminder: GSFA includes the ACNA and other groups working for schisms within Anglican Churches]. https://lambeth22resourcegroup.com/pressreleases/hopeful

In case you are wondering about the meeting between Archbishop Welby and Sandi Toksvig (British Bakeoff co-host and LGBT+ activist)
-From Kelvin Holdsworth at Thurible.net https://thurible.net/2022/08/04/fact-checking-sandi-toksvig/
-From the Bishop Cranmer blog https://archbishopcranmer.com/sandi-toksvig-and-her-caricature-church-of-england/


Bishop’s Corner

Diocese of Virginia notified of successful consent to election of Canon E. Mark Stevenson as their next bishop. https://www.thediocese.net/news/name-elected-14th-bishop-diocesan-of-the-diocese-of-virginia/


Other Things

Breaking Up with Marilynne Robinson over her refusal to acknowledge the dark side of Puritanism  https://religiondispatches.org/breaking-up-with-marilynne-robinson-i-will-always-love-her-but-i-can-no-longer-look-past-her-failure-to-acknowledge-the-puritans-dark-side/?fbclid=IwAR1N1pARCS-QB7Es_ju5D2KHCpnu-A-KeVJJAxUIiid_Q4N9DsDE9Wufa4M

The Extraordinary in the Ordinary: Disability and the Experience of God https://earthandaltarmag.com/posts/the-extraordinary-in-the-ordinary-disability-and-the-experience-of-god



image: Monday Marshall, The Anglican Communion’s Director for Gender Justice joins the Women Bishops after their group photograph during the 2022 Lambeth Conference at the University of Kent in Canterbury, United Kingdom. Photo: Neil Turner for The Lambeth Conference.


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