Weekend Roundup for December 3rd

We are back from our Thanksgiving break and hope everyone had a good holiday and a blessed start to Advent. This week, the Florida do-over vote is again challenged, Archbishop Canterbury globe hops, and the little church in the old west town of Tombstone finds a spirit of revival; it’s our weekly roundup of news and stories from across the church


From the Episcopal Journal & Cafe

Wisconsin dioceses launch cooperative ministry

Florida Bishop election do-over challenged

Advent for Every Body: An Aural Advent Calendar

Episcopal Church 2021 report shows membership decline but increased giving

In Do-Over Election, Florida again elects Charlie Holt as Next Bishop

Ban on choral singing based on flawed evidence, study suggests


Parishes in the News

Parishioners at a North Carolina parish celebrate their Scottish heritage. Dailyadvance.com

Florida parish offers a multi-sensory worship billed as an exploration into the landscape of the soul through ancient prayers, live music, projected images, and a walking meditation in the candlelight. Parklandtalk.com

Historic parish in Tombstone, AZ (think Wyatt Earp and the OK Corral) finds a spirit of revival (today’s featured image). ENS.com


Bishop’s Corner

Diocese of Louisiana elects Shannon Rogers Duckworth as next bishop NOLA.com

The Episcopal Diocese of Colombia has received notification from Presiding Bishop that Bishop-elect Pastor Elías García Cardenas has received the required majority of consents in the canonical consent process detailed in Canon III.11.3. Office of Public Affairs


Anglican Communion

Archbishop of Canterbury meets grieving mothers displaced by war in Mozambique. ArchbishopofCanterbury.org

Interview with Archbishop Welby on his experience visiting Ukraine recently. Church Times

Kelvin Holdsworth, Provost of St Mary’s Cathedral, Glasgow reflects on the evolving situation regarding LGBT+ sacramental equality in the neighboring Church of England. Thurible.net


Other Interesting Items

Church historian Peter Matheson writing at the Otago Daily Times (NZ) Churches must rise to the challenges of the modern world

And Peter Carrell writing at Anglicans Down Under reflects on the Matheson piece above. NZ churches sliding, sliding, in bewilderment, into irrelevancy?

Elizabeth Felicetti ( A Café alum) writes at the Christian Century on the unique case of an aspirant to holy orders in prison. A very long discernment




Image: Arizona Bishop Jennifer Reddall and the Rev. Heather Rose (center left) pose with congregants in front of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Tombstone, Arizona. Photo source: St. Paul’s Episcopal Church


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