Weekend Roundup For May 14

We’re happy announce the return of our Weekend Roundup of the Episcopal Church (and beyond) in the news from the past week.

Episcopal Church

National Cathedral marks 1,000,000 COVID deaths:  Washington National Cathedral will held a special prayer service May 9 to memorialize 1 million recorded deaths from COVID-19 in the United States, including a tolling of the cathedral’s funeral bell.

Diocesan Black Ministries’ Convocation:  The OFFICE OF BLACK MINISTRIES is announcing a 2-day convocation (June 21-22) to gather lay and clergy leaders diocesan staff responsible for Black Ministries within their dioceses.  This gathering will allow for the sharing of common mission and vision, as well as the building of relationships, collegiality, and support. Sign up form here


General Convention

Northern California submits resolution to de-link baptism from communion:  General Convention’s committees on Prayer Book, Liturgy and Music heard testimony May 3 on a diverse selection of resolutions. The resolution that generated the most discussion, and some of the strongest opinions, was a measure proposed by the Diocese of Northern California that would repeal the Episcopal canon that requires worshipers to be baptized before receiving Communion in Episcopal churches.

Leaders call for shorter, more focused General Convention this summer:  Presiding Bishop Michael Curry and the Rev. Gay Clark Jennings, President of the House of Deputies, said that the church should continue with plans to hold its 80th General Convention in Baltimore, but that it should be smaller in size, shorter in duration and focused exclusively on essential business.



Connecticut adds to slate of candidates: Connecticut has added The Rev. Whitney Altopp, rector, St. Stephens Episcopal Church, Ridgefield, Connecticut as a petition candidate in their upcoming bishop search.  The other candidates are:

  • The Rev. Glenna Huberrector, Church of the Epiphany, Washington, D.C.
  • The Rev. Jeffrey Mello, rector, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, Brookline, Massachusetts.
  • The Very Rev. Kate Mooreheaddean, St. John’s Episcopal Cathedral, Jacksonville, Florida.
  • The Rev. Tanya Wallacerector, All Saints’ Episcopal Church, South Hadley, Massachusetts.

Meanwhile in Maine…  Lovely story from a small newspaper in Maine about the The Rt Rev Thomas Brown’s visit to St Columba’s in Boothbay Harbor


Anglican Communion

Japanese Anglican Church ordains first female bishop in East Asia:  This actually happened back in April, but its good news worth sharing. The Nippon Sei Ko Kei (NSKK), the Anglican Communion in Japan, ordained Maria Grace Tazu Sasamori as Bishop of Hokkaido on April 23.


Australian General Synod leaves Marriage Quality up in the Air: Same sex marriage has been the law of the land in Australia since 2017, but he Anglican Church there continues to be in conflict over how to respond.


 Odds and Ends

Just Sing!!  Wonderful, uplifting story of a priest overcoming their fear of singing

 Local Government and the Shrinking Church:  For those really into small local government, here’s a YouTube discussion from a local historical preservation council meeting in New Jersey discussing a local church building owned by a parish on the verge of closing.

More on the slow-motion breakup of the United Methodist Church:  The Judicial Council, The United Methodist Church’s top court, ruled that current church law doesn’t allow U.S. annual conferences to leave the denomination. Our most recent story is HERE.



image: Bishop of Hokkaido, The Rt Rev Maria Grace Tazu Sasamori (from Facebook)

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