Weekend Roundup for Sep 17

A lost jazz album from the Night Pastor, Florida moves forward to re-do their bishop’s election, and Martha’s Vineyard residents, led by the local Episcopal Parish welcomes the stranger. All these and more in this week’s roundup of news and stories from across the church


From the Episcopal Journal & Cafe

Retiring bishop of West Virginia appointed to be Canon for Ministry within the church by the Presiding Bishop

Florida Standing Committee shares details of do-over bishop’s election

Massachusetts Episcopalians rally to help new migrant group


Queen’s body lies in state after service of blessing


Episcopal Church

Warm feelings turn to positive efforts to truly reunite the Diocese of Texas and the former Diocese of Fort Worth


Parishes in the News

Originally inspired to remember 9/11, Mississippi cathedral’s annual remembrance service has expanded to become a chance too honor all who respond to save others


Bishop’s Corner

Three candidates announced for do-over bishop’s election in the diocese of Florida, plus the Standing Committee has announced a process (with some pretty high bars) for petitions to add additional candidates


From the UK’s Church Times

British Church has a resident ornithologist

Hundreds of chaplains to minister to those lined up to see the Queen’s laying-in-state


Other Interesting Items

Lovely piece about the joys of discovering the work of 1960’s Episcopal Priest and Jazz musician Robert Owen (the album cover is today’s featured image)

Bosco Peter’s is annoyed at the trope about Henry VIII starting his own church to liberalize divorce

On Preaching the Dangerous Sermon


Feature Image: album cover for Robert Owen’s album “Music to Lure Pigeons By”


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