Weekend Roundup for September 24

Chicago celebrates a long-delayed consecration, early African American Episcopal pioneer honored in Philadelphia, and how clear is the Bible, really – all this and more! It’s our weekly roundup of news from around the church.


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From Other News

Episcopal Church

Philadelphia renamed part of a city street Absalom Jones Way in front of the church founded by the first African American Episcopal priest


Parishes in the News

Louisville Episcopal churches host service for Queen Elizabeth II

Hudson Valley village celebrates ‘Zion Episcopal Church Day’ as local parish is named to National Register of Historic Churches

Wisconsin parish gives $4000 to Indigenous group as a kind of “voluntary tax” to acknowledge injustice of 19th century land grab


Bishop’s Corner

New Bishop welcomed in Utah

Oregon Public Broadcasting hosts interview with Michael Curry and Diana Akiyama, Bishop of Oregon


Other Interesting Items

From bishop Peter Carrell in New Zealand on how Scripture is used and abused in the real world: Clearly Scripture is not as clear as clearly many would like it to be!

A look at TV depictions of the religious life: The Priest Behind the Screen

Pope Francis endorses vision for a peaceful and just economy that’s more equitable and respectful of the poor and the environment

From Earth & Altar: Morality and the Aims of Politics


image: the renaming of Lancaster Ave from St Thomas Facebook page


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