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Episcopal art show theme is ‘What are you seeking? Expectations and Epiphany’

“Epiphany,” by Jeanne Harris Weaver, tempera on poplar board 10′ x 12′, after Byzantine artist Pietro Cavallini’s mosaic mural (Santa Maria, Trastevere, Rome, 1296). Photo/courtesy of Jeanne Harris Weaver

The current exhibit at the online Episcopal Church and Visual Arts explores each participant’s response to being called to be an artist, learning to accept that call, then moving forward with doubts, uncertainties, questions and finally, experiencing revelation or epiphany.

Seventeen artists, contributing 35 entries, responded to the theme “What are you seeking? Expectations and Epiphany.” In the Christian church, the Epiphany refers to the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ and is celebrated on Jan. 6. In Western churches, it also commemorates the visit by the magi to the Christ child, and thus Christ’s physical manifestation to the Gentiles.

“I am the River,” by Mary Jane Miller

“Artists tolerate ambiguity in the search for expression and meaning. Each of the artists participating in this show has held duality as challenges arose,” wrote Julie Bender, guest curator, in her curator’s statement.

“The artistic process is a vote for life. Active engagement is necessary to organize ideas, plan how to carry them out, select materials, arrange the parts, use elements and principles of design, and ultimately show work … Each of the artists included in this show have recognized their self-worth, creativity and call as an artist” Bender wrote.

To view the full exhibit, click here.

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