Made a Decision to Turn

Dear God I pray

Turn my mind to thoughts of you;
Turn my heart to welcoming your presence;
Turn my mouth to speaking your praise,
  to uttering your name;
Turn my eyes to seeing you in others.

Turn my eyes from longing for possessions;
Turn my lips from unkind or wasted words;
Turn my heart from apathy and bitterness;
Turn my mind from this world.

Turn me from dark to light,

from dreary to bright;

Turn me from busy-ness to purposefulness;

Turn me from taker to giver;

Turn me from overwhelmed to overflowing.

Turn, turn, turn me;

Return me to you.


Lexiann Grant is a retired writer & author, a former chalicer and layreader, but still an Episcopalian who enjoys encountering God in the mountain backcountry.


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