Praise Now

Inspired by Caedmon’s Hymn

O God the Maker, whose creation 
brings forth stuttering praises of awe and wonder 
from the untutored tongues of your children,
our hearts overflow now with your marvelous love.

Holy One, you weave the silken tapestry of heaven,
glorious to drink in and refresh our faith, 
spread overhead like the canopy of a mighty oak 
drawn anew to contemplate the depth of your wisdom.

Our feet firmly planted among the grasses, 
our eyes lifted to the spangled expanse 
of the roof of the world You have made, World-Warden;
we stretch heavenward like tender saplings.

You have fashioned this Earth as our home, 
and made it holy by the work of your fingers 
for all to rejoice in your bounty.

Gratitude and wonder are the foundation of our prayer,
surging up like a spring of water from our souls.

And now, O Creator, 
gather our swirling thoughts 
within the bounds of your mercy, 
and grant your blessing upon us, 
and all who turn their hearts to your light.


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