these failures are my job

by Josh Huber

–fourteen attempts at transcendence in ordinary time 

Repeat the prayer until the prayer is all; 

watch the blue-beset sky abound with clouds; 

smell everything green, greened, and earthful. 

Every step sends you forward grasping shrouds 

of what will be and might have been before.

And though sunshine and shadows past be lost, 

this quick, effulgent moment offers more: 

the beauty of holiness lurks at least 

stubborn among us and long abiding–

there flashing forth as shining from shook foil (Lucille Clifton from “the making of poems.”)

or clarion in the loved voice’s ring.  

Keep yourself attuned to the stretch and coil 

of the sensed world: sage, slug, shade, sparrow, 

so forth. Also all the names you don’t know. 

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