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2FAB: Lili’uokalani

We really enjoyed this episode on Queen Lili’uokalani of Hawai’i, not yet officially a saint, but locally commemorated in Hawai’i.

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2FAB: Emily Malbone Morgan

“My greatest desire has always been to make tired people rested and happy.” Emily Malbone Morgan
Explore her story with us today!

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Crisis of Faith: Three Stories

Joe believes 50 Cent’s musical career may have lost value due to inflation. Drew offers to buy you a pizza. And they take a week off of Bible stuff to talk about the news.

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Faith to Go: Living in the Uncertain

David and Charlette discuss the story of the empty tomb from Luke’s gospel, the implications of this story for our spiritual lives, and what conversations at home will be like based on these gospel themes.

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